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Victor Hamilton

18145 Avocado Rd.Oceanside, CA 92054 • Tel: (555) 555-5556 • Cell: (555) 555-5555 •


May 17, 2007


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Dear Hiring Manager:



I am writing in response to the position of Senior Design Engineer, advertised as being open with your company at this time.  I am an experienced Engineering professional who is skilled RF design, systems design, fiber optics and optical systems, control systems, and many other areas.  I offer significant abilities in the areas of project and department management, document preparation, and quality assurance.  Now I would like to bring my more than 20 years of expertise and knowledge to work for your company.


My ability to produce innovative and effective designs, work as a team player, and meet deadlines, together with my attention to detail, have contributed to my successes in engineering.  I have performed and directed a wide variety of activities, including development and implementation new systems and technologies in many different industries.  I possess outstanding design, analysis, and problem-solving abilities, and am adept at determining specifications, preparing diagrams and schematics, and authoring all documentation.  During my career I have designed numerous products and components that are still in use today, including some that can be found on the Moon.


I am skilled at working with clients, technical, and business teams to provide information and solutions to potential and existing issues.  I have directed teams, projects, and departments, and am familiar with supervise all managerial functions, including recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling, and budgeting.


I am an effective organizer and planner.  My outgoing and friendly nature allows me to interact well with other staff members at all levels and I am able to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical persons.


The accompanying résumé can give you an idea of my potential for making a worthwhile contribution to your company.  I believe it may be mutually beneficial for us to meet.  I will call your office next week to inquire about the possibility of such a meeting.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



Sincerely yours,





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